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AlertUSA works with all standard land phone lines as well as digital and DSL services, most of our competitors' systems will not.
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AlertUSAAlertUSA Medical Alarms are U/L Listed, Two-Way Voice Systems with Two Pendants with no connection or programming fees! We offer a 21 Day Money Back Trial as well as FREE Shipping.

From the New York Times:
"Once Just an Aging Sign, Falls Merit Complex Care"
Dangers of FallingMEDFORD, N.J. - Katherine Aliminosa, 93, shattered her lower leg while getting snacks for her nieces. Susan Arnold, 87, broke her hip hanging a photograph.
In mid-July, in a nursing unit of a retirement community here, the two women were at the start of a recovery process that both hoped would return them to their previous lives. Their progress over the next few months, and their divergent outcomes, illustrate the unpredictable impact that common falls can have on the bodies of older people.
By early autumn, Ms. Aliminosa had graduated to an independent living apartment and was able to get around with a walker. She looked like a different person: more robust, content. Though six years younger, Ms. Arnold never recovered her strength after hip surgery...[read more]

What Is AlertUSA?
What Is AlertUSAAlertUSA is what's called a Personal Emergency Response System [PERS]: a signaling device that summons help during an emergency. The PERS consists of a portable, water-proof help button (transmitter) and a receiver unit connected to the user's telephone line. In an emergency ...[read more]

Who Needs AlertUSA?
Who Needs AlertUSAWho Is At Risk? One out of three Americans age 65 and older falls at least once a year. The chances of surviving a fall are six times greater if you are found within one hour. The National Heart Association reports that 350,000 of the 1.6 million Americans that suffer from heart attacks die because help does not arrive on time...[read more]

Why AlertUSA?
Why AlertUSAThe AlertUSA network has been servicing customers for over 24 years, and is unsurpassed in terms of care, quality, and cost. Our network is the leading and largest direct marketer of Personal Emergency Response Systems in the world. We have multiple government contracts with...[read more]

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