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Motivating A Loved One
It isn't easy for a person who has been independent all their life to come to terms with limitations. It isn't easy to convince a person who has provided for others all their life that they now need care. They want and deserve the dignity of self-reliance. Often fear is a factor; fear of encroaching confinement in a nursing home or a hospital.
But AlertUSA offers the opposite of all this.
AlertUSA is independence.
AlertUSA is self-reliance.
AlertUSA is dignity.
AlertUSA is care.
When approaching a loved one with the idea of AlertUSA, tact is extremely important. Put yourself in their place. Stress the freedom that comes from the system. Tell them that the federal government reports that more than 25% of people over 65 and in nursing homes needn't be there if they had access to proper care. Let them know that this is the way of keeping them in your lives that gives them security, and you peace of mind.
When someone is linked to the AlertUSA Network they're protected no matter where they go 24 hours a day, seven days a week - even when they travel. Let them know that AlertUSA is like insurance - they may not use it today, but if they ever should need it, they'll be glad that they have it.
Let them know you love them and want them around as long as possible.
Let them know you care and let them know that AlertUSA does too.

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