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Equipment Installation, Testing and Support
The AlertUSA system sets up in just a few minutes. We ship your equipment to you pre-programmed and everything you will need is included in the box.
Simply plug the phone cord into the phone jack and plug in the power cord, then press the power/reset button to reset the system. That's it, it's set up.
Now, put on your necklace or watch-strap transmitter and push the help button to test the system and see exactly how it works. After you've told the Response Center operator that everything is ok, press the power/reset button again and go about your day with the comfort of knowing that AlertUSA is there if you should need it.
If you experience any problems, or would just feel more comfortable having one of our technicians walk you through the process, you can call our toll-free installation support hotline 24 hours a day and we'll be glad to help you.
You can test your system as often as you like on your own.
The AlertUSA system is also Fully Supervised. This means that the system frequently checks itself on its own, and will alert the Response Center automatically should it detect a problem such as a low battery.
In the event of a technical problem, our support staff will work with you to try and resolve the issue over the telephone. Very often, there is a simple oversight such as the power cord falling out of the socket. If the problem cannot be remedied remotely, we will send you a replacement system or part, next day delivery.

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