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Testimonials AlertUSA's files are overflowing with letters from clients and their families that testify to the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our products and services. Mostly they are from relieved family members.

A son from New York City writes about his live-alone father who was a constant worry to him and his siblings. One day when they were all busy about their own lives, their father fell while reaching for a sweater he had packed away. He was alone, in a closet, and unable to get up. He merely pressed a button and AlertUSA went to work. Not only did he get the help he needed, but he also got his sweater.

Often we receive a note of thanks in the same envelope as a check. The letters are remarkable for consistency in saluting the unrivaled service that AlertUSA offers. But occasionally we get mail that sticks out.

Not too long ago a saddened woman wrote us about her favorite uncle who, though ill, lived independently. After much persuading he grudgingly consented to signing on with AlertUSA. After only three months he decided he no longer needed the protection our system offers. Against his nieces advice he cancelled his contract. Within a few weeks, alone, he fell and couldn't get up. The damage done by the 10 hours he was alone further aggravated his injuries to where he can no longer live independently. If help were available he probably would have been able to return home rather than be institutionalized his remaining days. She wrote us in hopes that someone else might take a lesson from her uncle's misfortune.

A member of another family wrote us with deep appreciation. His mother had been ill for a very long time. She was an AlertUSA client who had more than once made proper use of her system - and she was to do it once more. She knew her time was ending and she used the service to summon her family one last time. They were able to gather at her bedside for the last few precious hours. The letter writer took time to tell us of this final gift to and from his mother.

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